Latin America to top professional working women league by 2025-Mercer

Latin America is projected to have the world’s highest proportion of professional working women by 2025, overtaking Europe and North America, Mercer consulting firm said on Wednesday.

Asia is expected to remain the region with the lowest proportion of such women, according to Mercer. The projections are based on a survey of 583 organisations in 42 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and the Americas. The organisations employ 3.2 million people.

In Latin America, women are more likely than men to be promoted from every level, and twice as likely to be promoted from the senior manager level, the study said.

Women there are projected to make up 44 percent of executives in 2025, a rise from 17 percent today, given current hiring, promotion and retention rates, Mercer said.

At the professional level and above Latin America is projected to increase women’s representation from 36 percent in 2015 to 49 percent in 2025, followed by Australia and New Zealand moving from 35 percent to 40 percent.

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